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These OWS App Market Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to herein as, these "App Market Terms") are a legal agreement by and between OWS Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “OWS” or with "us" or "we") and each end user (hereinafter referred to herein as “you” or as a “User” and with “your”) and set forth the terms and conditions that will govern your use of any software application functionality or services provided by OWS through Our application marketplace (hereinafter the “App Market”) and of each mobile application made available from the App Market (hereinafter referred to herein as an “App(s)”). Please note that these App Market Terms are in addition to and should be read together with the Terms of Service which also govern the use of the Apps or of the provision of additional OWS Services and are hereby incorporated by reference. Further, OWS recommends review of its Privacy Policy. Collectively, the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and these App Market Terms shall be referred to as the “OWS Terms”.

In order to use any App, you must agree to be bound by these App Market Terms. Further access or use of the App Market or any App or other acceptance to the Terms of Service or these App Market Terms, whichever occurs first, shall constitute your acceptance of the OWS Terms. Please read the OWS Terms. Moreover, the OWS Terms shall apply to all visits that you make or activities you conduct or undertake at or through the App Market (or an App therefrom). If you do not wish to comply with the OWS Terms, you are not permitted to access or use the Apps and should immediately cease any use and uninstall and delete or destroy any Apps or other related materials you have in your possession or control.
1. Using and Installing Apps
Effective Date: September 12, 2014
The App Market offers to Users the opportunity to license and then access and install particular Apps for use with the Website services that OWS offers. Many of the Apps are developed, offered, provided, and licensed to you by third party developers or licensors (with such entities hereinafter referred to collectively as “Third Party Developers”). Apps offered and provided by OWS shall be expressly noted, with all other Apps offered and provided by Third Party Developers.

From time to time, we may offer to Users sales, credit point, or other promotions that may be utilized in the App Market. Please note that in the event of any promotion, OWS may subsequently modify or discontinue any such promotions at any time. Additional terms applicable to such promotions shall be separately provided with each such promotion, and OWS may otherwise provide notice of any modification by direct communication with its Users or through general announcements offered through the App Market. Subject to your compliance with the Terms, OWS hereby grants to you through these App Market Terms a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable and revocable license to access and use the App Market for the sole purpose of browsing, locating, or purchasing a license to Apps offered by OWS or its Third Party Developers. All rights not expressly granted by OWS are hereby reserved. Accordingly, you are hereby prohibited from using the App Market in any manner that is not expressly and unambiguously authorized by these App Market Terms. OWS shall own all right, title and interest in and to the App Market and OWS or its Third Party Developers shall own all right, title, and interest in and to the Apps offered to Users, including without limitation all applicable intellectual property rights in the Apps.

OWS IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH OR RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CONTENT, FUNCTIONALITY OR PERFORMANCE OF ANY APP OFFERED BY A THIRD PARTY AND YOUR USE OF ANY SUCH APP IS AND REMAINS AT YOUR OWN RISK. ALL THIRD PARTY DEVELOPERS ARE INDEPENDENT PARTIES FROM OWS. OWS HAS NO CONTROL OVER AND SHALL THEREFORE ASSUME NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY APP AND ITS CONTENT, FUNCTIONALITY, PRIVACY POLICY OR TERMS OF USE (AND THE PRESENCE, DISPLAY, TERMS, CONDITIONS, OR POLICIES OF SUCH PRIVACY POLICY OR TERMS OF USE), AND AVAILABLE OR RELATED PRODUCTS OR SERVICES. You hereby acknowledge and agree that OWS is not responsible and does and will not have any liability for any App offered by a Third Party Developer. Further, in no event shall any reference to any Third Party Developer or any App offered by a third party be construed as endorsement by us of that third party, of that App, or of any product or service provided by such third party on or through such App. Please review the particulars for each App in order to determine the applicable entity that offers, provides, and licenses the App. OWS is merely an intermediary offering the opportunity for Users to access and use the Apps, and access to and use of the App Market shall not be construed as making OWS a publisher, provider, or licensor of any App that OWS does not expressly state that it offers and provides through the ata for any reason.